The Alumni Gallery

Alumni Contributors

We contacted our past workshop participants to see how they are doing now. We asked for a few of their images and we are very proud to share their work here. Kindly click on the images to identify the photographer.

Dennis Noronha   Glenn Campanilla   Christopher Comeso   Fazil Imran   Neha Bakti   Srijith Ravi   Mhadz Samin   Muhammed Shakeel Iljaz   Leonard Ranjo   Dondee Calub   Majalyn Carillo-Williams   Michael Keith Siodina   Ramy Matrawy   Alessandro Feliziani   Nabee Hasheem   Rita Spier   Gerald Alcoran   Jason Balaba   Ralph Emerson de Peralta   Yasmin Berdai


All photos by Jay Alonzo unless otherwise indicated. Copyright© 2017 Jay Alonzo & Key Lite Studio